The Toilenator

Ok so basically the Toilenator is an embarrassment to the villians and a joke to the KND. I mean come on, he has toilet powers! One of his big episodes is Operation M.O.V.I.E., where he’s at a villian evil plan meeting (which is in an R rated movie) and suggest that they capture one of dumber KND (Wally 😦 ) and then the rest of the KND will come. Luckily, Wally was there (disguised) and he twarted the villians’ plans, won the battle and gained an arch-enemy. That’s right the Toilenator’s arch-enemy is Wally. Poor Wally. I don’t know the Toilenator’s real name or real occupation (if he has one besides running around in a suit….). His basic outfit is as follows though: A yellow full body suit, bright red boots, toilet paper rolls (with paper on it) on his wrists (one per wrist), a HUGE-normis toilet paper roll (once again with paper on it) on his head and a blue toilet seat around his neck. Also he has very blue eyes (I kinda like them :D) So that’s basically it… um…yeah.

Sarah out!

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

Toilenator Fun Facts:

Um there aren’t any yet so … COMING SOON!

Toilenator Quotes:

– Toilenator: I’ll flush you!” – Operation (?) MOVIE


10 Responses to “The Toilenator”

  1. Nikleavno Says:

    lol my fav villain!

    hes so silly X3

  2. Cris Says:

    he is numbuh 4’s uncle, so… his twin is numbuh 4’s dad

  3. austin Says:

    relly? i never knew that!

  4. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    I cant believe that of all cruddy people in the world, the TOLINATOR is my uncle!!! I am reel.

  5. Lily Says:

    Okay! Okay! Sheesh! Wut do you, have a crush on him?!

    • Kacie Says:

      I SO don’t! I have a HUGE crush on Carson B.-except that he got taken by Madison Z.!But then Maddy(nickname)told me he’s going to dance with me at the spring dance-instead of Maddy!!!I still don’t know if he got bribed(like Lillie L. w/ Brien-got paied $10 to go out with her)or if he really likes me!(he is always SO nice to me)WAAAH!!!WHY do I have to be cursed with boy drama!

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