The Delightful Children From Down The Lane

Here it goes, the bio of your favorite “perfect” children, the Delightful Children From Down The Lane (DCFDTL for short) (*SPOILERS!*) In Op. ZERO we find out that they are actually the missing members of sector Z who were over delightful-ized in one of Fathers delightful-ization chambers, but that blew a fuse making them perfect delightful children, but never could they ever permanently be themselves again. (One thing I find kinda fishy ’bout them being sector Z is that in Op. SCIENCE sector Z is there, and so were the DCFDTL -not THERE but like in the over all show-) There are five DCFDTL, two girls and three guys (just like sector V) Each of the DCFDTL kinda resemble one of the member of the team. The Tall blonde girl sort of resembles Kuki, the other girl (who’s larger) is well larger like Hoagie and has braids like Abby did when she was briefly delightful-ized (Op. DATE). The short blond haired boy resembles Wally the one who wears a helmet (Who’s name is Lenny, Op. UNDERCOVER) has a darker skin tone like Abby and wears something on his head, also like Abby. I’m not quite sure where the tall kid (David, Op. ZERO)  fits in but he must somewhere. The two girls both wear blue and white sailor outfits (the blonde girl has a pink bow in her hair) and the three boys wear blue suits with red ties. If it’s not obvious what these 5 kids do let me tell you in a quick summery, they make it their job to destroy sector V, and the whole KND. Thats basically it for these little devils.

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

DCFDTL Fun Facts:

Coming Soon!

DCFDTL Quotes:

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40 Responses to “The Delightful Children From Down The Lane”

  1. lily Says:

    lenny is kinda cuter than the others but hes a real morohn

  2. joey Says:

    The blonde boy and the girl are my favorites. I think they could make a cute couple. 🙂

  3. taylor Says:

    i love the tall blond with the bow. her names ashley. she’s the cutest in my opinon

    • samuel Says:

      i love ashley.i had a dream i hugged her.

      • Tikal Says:

        Are you surrrrrrre her name’s Ashley? ‘Cause someone told me it was Eleanor and father called her Ellie. ya know what I wanna know? If the DCFDTL never separate, then how do they sleep? This is how their names where on some website.

        Tallest guy: David
        Helmet guy: Lenny (I knew that already)
        Blonde guy: Bruce
        Blonde girl: Ellie (Eleanor)
        Brunette girl: Susie (err Susan)

        Match up


  4. Vicky T! Says:

    The Tall one is David, Lenny is the Helmet Head, Ashley is the bow girl one, Ogie is the short+stout, and Bruce is the blond one. I think Bruce & Ashley are perfect for each other. No wonder they look at each other a lot.

  5. Moon77123 Says:

    how do u know her names ashley and if theres a website please tell me and also tell me the short blonde dudes name and the short girls name.

  6. samuel Says:

    i love ashley.and i like lenny.when i grow up my children are going to be named david,lenny,ashley,bruce,and ogie.

  7. samuel Says:

    i love ashley.i like lenny.

  8. Sarisumdac01 Says:

    Their names are: David = tallest boy, Lenny = football helmet kid, Ashley = tall blonde haired girl, Bruce = short blonde boy, Olivia = short girl with glasses.

  9. Kyra Says:

    I was doing some crossword puzzles, vacuum rugs, it feels the breeze on the fan because its hot.

  10. Samantha Parkington Says:

    It says on the KND Wiki.

    I think the short blonde dude’s name is Richard but they call him Rick for short and the short girl’s name is Olivia.

  11. Samantha Parkington Says:

    No wait never mind, it was Bruce, sorry, I got it mistaked for another show.

  12. sarah Says:

    um how do you know there names but i know lenny

  13. wes Says:

    the short blonde kid is bruce the tall brunette kid is david the tall blonde girl is ashley the kid with the football helmet is lenny and the short fat girl is olivia

    • Tikal Says:

      Wes, seriously rethink wat ya say. All I know, is that Ashley and Olivia have no official names and neither does Bruce I think. I just believe that Sector Z is better than the Delightful Dorks. Oops, I mean… no I said it right.

  14. Mikaylah Says:

    i think the dcftdl are wierd!!!! but i like Ashley and Bruce, and Lenny!! i hate the others!!! cuz theyre just wierd!!!

  15. Lexi Says:

    If I could give them names (since I don’t know their real names except Lenny’s), they would be:
    Tall brown-haired boy: Brendon
    Helmet boy: Lenny
    Tall brown-haired girl: Ashley (or maybe Ansley)
    Short blond-haired boy: Nathan
    Short, pigtail girl: Olivia

  16. Tikal Says:

    Ellie/Ashley: Ugh, can you believe these people? My name is Hailey!
    Susie/Olivia/Ogie: Okay really, I’m not either of those names. Especially not Ogie! Okay, I’m Marie!
    Bruce: Heh, that’s the difference between us guys and you girls. We’re known worldwide. You just have a small little fansite.
    Lenny: Yes, we…
    Hailey: Wait just a stinkin’ minute, how are we talking separately?

    *all of them look down and they aren’t connected* *look up at each other* *step quickly back together*

    All together: Ahhhh, much better.

  17. Kyra Says:

    I went to the AMC Theatres to see Legend of the Guardians. I watched this episode called “The Borg of the Ring.” I read the newspaper and the TV Guide. I searched hurricanes, Social Skills Circle and Social Studies Circle on the computer.

  18. Lily Says:

    Lenny is hawt without da helm!

  19. Grace Says:

    Oh come on their not AS tough as my old friend, she shot a police car away from her master Murdoc Niccals

  20. julian Says:

    what are all the names

    • Grace Oleson Says:

      of the delightful children?
      if so, I think their names are ashley, bruce, david,lenny, and olivia

  21. Brandon Burns Says:

    they should have there own series

  22. Callahan Says:

    Tall Boy: David (Op. ZERO)
    Blonde Boy: Bruce (Mr. W)
    Helmet Boy: Lenny (Op. UNDERCOVER)

    The names for all the boys are official, the fans have named the two girls themselves. The most common ones are:

    Tall Blonde Girl: Ashley

    Short Girl: Ogie (short for Olivia)

    Personally, I think the Blonde girl’s name could be Jennifer, because Jennifer Hale voiced her in Op. ZERO; and Mr. W has a tendency to name characters after their voice actors (i.e Rachel, Cree, David).

  23. nurul Says:

    lenny is a cuuuuuuuuuteeee guy ❤

  24. nurul Says:

    oh please, ashley,ogie,david,and bruce are lane! lenny is the cool not they!

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