Numbuh 86: Francine “Fanny” Fullbright

You all know her, she’s has the voice of a million violins being played by a monkey…its Numbuh 86! Her name is Fanny Fullbright and she’s the head of decommissioning up at moon base. She may not be the nicest girl in the world, but she’s not evil. For family we know that Fanny has two brothers, (I already mentioned this in Mr. Boss’s bio, but it’s both of their families so here it goes again) one named Patty (Numbuh 85) and the other named Shawny (Operation D.A.D.D.Y.). Neither of which have her Irish (maybe Scottish, sorry I can’t tell!) accent. Her mom looks like a bigger version of Fanny and her dad is…. none other then… Mr. Boss! Thats right, the arch enemy of Sector V is her dad. He might be evil to all other kids but not to his daughter. Numbuh 86’s classic outfit is as follows: A green turtle neck sweater with orange circles near the elbows (one per arm), a small yellow draped over her shoulder that I’m guessing holds her weapon, an orange skirt, and brown boots. She also wears a cooking thing on her head (sort of like Numbuh 362’s) that says 86 on it. When she’s not wearing the hat though she has wavy red hair (also she has freckles). I don’t consider this a serious couple to ponder but she does admit in Operation E.N.D. that she thinks that Numbuh 4 is kind ofΒ cute.

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

Fanny Fun Facts:

Nickname by her parents is “Fanny Pants”

Fanny Quotes:

Coming Soon!


15 Responses to “Numbuh 86: Francine “Fanny” Fullbright”

  1. uh. . . Says:

    I don’t wanna mes w/her

  2. ilovewally4 Says:

    have u seen her exploed in operation pinkeye….its hilarious

  3. skyhigh imagination Says:

    aculy her couple is acrding to mr.w with numbuh 60 or patton :)!

  4. Mikaylah Says:


  5. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    I am not CUTE im handsome ):

  6. Ronson Says:

    Fanny is so cute i love her.

  7. Ronson Says:

    I Love Fanny shes beautiful Fanny is my love

  8. Heller Says:

    I love it when 86 gets yelled at by 362 πŸ™‚

  9. Mady Says:

    I love her! She is my favorite Operative! Idk why,but I love her! Not that kinda ‘love’ but U know Wat I mean πŸ™‚ Fanny’s the best

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