Numbuh 4: Wallabee “Wally” Beatles



Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker (who’s not actually Aussie!)

Family: A dad who works at an accounting firm with Kuki’s mom, a little brother (Joey) who is a mini version of him, mom who seems to be a stay at home mom.

Nationality: Australian

Outfit: Blonde hair, Orange sweatshirt, Jeans. -Pajamas- Orange foot-y’s with a butt flap! (its SOO adorable)

Personality: He’s the tough guy on the team. He’s always impulsive and doesn’t always listen to orders. He’s not the smartest in school… has a lot of trouble spelling simple words. He hates everything girly (except for one HUGE exception you’ll read later :D) Even though he’s always picking fights he usually looses. 

Things You Need to Know: 

* He’s the shortest member of Sector V

* Second youngest in Sector V (not confirmed) 

* His sweat shirt’s hood has only been worn in one episode (Operation D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E.) 

* Has HUGE crush on Numbuh 3 (who’s SUPER girly) 

* Is afraid of water (doesn’t know how to swim) until he learns to swim (Operation P.O.O.L.)

* Hates pianos (they flattened him once)

* Sleeps on the floor (while in the tree house) of a wrestling arena

* Eye’s are rarely seen because of his long blonde bangs. (this mainly applies to early seasons)

* Used to be a Matador at the Bully Fights before he had to fight his own dad!

* Has two hand drawn pictures of Numbuh 3 in his room (seen in Operation M.O.O.N.) 

* Is awesome at dodgeball! 

*** SPOILER*** 

In Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. we find out that he marries Numbuh 3 (shocker) and went to Harvard Med. (riiiiight)


Wally Quotes:

Wally: It’s awful quiet in here.

Kuki: Yeah, three quiet.

Wally: Three quiet? What the crud is that suppose to mean?

Kuki: It’s one more then two quiet.

Wally: Ugh, I had to ask. – Op. ZERO


Hoagie: Man, that Sandy’s got a weird taste in girls

{Kuki grabs SPLANKER (weapon) looking mad and screen goes black}

Hoagie: Uh oh.

{You hear Hoagie being hit twice, screen still black}

Hoagie: Ow! Ow!

Hoagie: What YOU hit me for?

Wally: Nothin. – Op. KASTLE


-{ Hugging pillow, in sleep} Wally: So you do like me too? Well why didn’t you say it before? {Kisses pillow} You know how I feel, {Kisses and hugs pillow} I think your really really-

Kuki: Numbuh 4!

Wally: Garghhh! (Thats me trying to capture his scream) – Op. SATURN


Wally: Look. How much do these Rainbow cruds cost anyway? If we each chipped in about 5 and 6/3’s dollars, we could get a new-

Kuki: {Starts crying}

Wally: {Makes some sort of moaning sound} Numbuh 1 will you please talk to her? – Op. SATURN


Kuki: {sad music plays and Kuki screeches with happiness} If he had to leave the room its gotta be something {Wallys starts to cry} big, OHHH like a pony!

Wally: Ah no you dolt! Numbuh one just quit the team! He’s not getting you a pony! He’s not getting you anything! {Breaks down a bit} He’s g-gone! J-A-W-N, gone! Don’t you get it? {really starts to cry}

Kuki: {Starts to cry as well}

Wally: {Looks worried at Kuki’s tears} Ok you got it. – Op. BUTT


Wally: {trying to comfort Kuki as she crys, in false high voice} Ohhh, don’t cry little girl, Mr. Flopsywapsipus wants you to turn that frown upside down.

Kuki: {stops crying slightly to look at Wally}

Wally: Or uh, or he might leave. {in normal voice} Oh wait-

Kuki: {starts crying again} – Op. BUTT


Abby: Listen Numbuh Three, we have no power! How we suppose to find a Rainbow Monkey in the vastness of space?

Kuki: I can follow their scent.

Wally: How?!? There ain’t no air in space!

Kuki: I don’t smell Rainbow Monkeys with my nose! I smell them with my heart! {Eyes get big and hearts float from her}

Wally: {Groans} – Op. SATURN


Wally: {Rainbow Monkey song in background} {groans} And if trying to kill us wasn’t bad enough! {puts head down} Now their singing the cruddy song! – Op. SATURN


Abby: Hold up! So, we made you go to the stupid beach. That’s not bad enough for you to just quit.

Nigel: [sadly] This is a private matter, Numbuh Five. I’m sorry.

Wally: Dude! You can’t just quit!

Nigel: [sadly] Watch me.
[Doors shut, sad music plays]- Op. BUTT


Wally: Yeah Numbuh One, look how much fun I’m having!

Nigel: Your buried up to your neck in sand.

Wally: I know, doesn’t that rock!?! – Op. BEACH


Abby: (looking at blackmail pic) Ah, ah no! Is that Nigel’s hiney?

Hoagie: Wow, that is one big butt.

Wally: Oh let me see- whoooaah, whooaah, wow, wowy!!!!

Kuki: {stops crying and is now laughing} Where did they get a camera big enough to capture all that tushy!?!

{Wally and Kuki break into laughter}

Abby: Come on guys, this isn’t funny, we got to do something.

Hoagie: Yeah! We have to get the the bottom of this!

Abby: Nohh…

{Wally, Kuki and Hoagie all laugh}

Abby: Now come on guys,

Kuki: {constant laughter now goes on for rest of scene} That is NOT gonna fit in the year book!

Hoagie: Unless they put a big section in the rear!

{Wally falls down laughing}

Abby: Ok, ok, now, come on guys!

Hoagie: If I were Numbuh One I’d just turn the other cheek! {shakes butt at Abby}

Abby: {starts laughing, and falls on the ground too}

Hoagie: {scene fades out to new location} I hate for him to be the butt of the joooke! {laughs} – Op. BUTT


Kuki: Toys? I don’t want toys… I WANT REVENGE!

Wally: Whats the big deal nobody got ‘urt.

{ Kuki graps Wally by shirt collar}

Kuki: Say that again, Squirt, then we’ll see if nobody’s hurt! – Op. LICE


Numbuh 362: Two thirds of our treehouse bases have been transformed in to tapioca factories in the last hour alone. At this rate-

Wally: We’ll loose another 42 thirds with in eleventeen minutes, leaving only one dollar and seven operatives left in 68 quarters of the world!

Numbuh 86: *groans* – Op. Z.E.R.O.


62 Responses to “Numbuh 4: Wallabee “Wally” Beatles”

  1. wow Says:


  2. stephenson0711 Says:

    I LOVE WALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kuki Sanban Says:

    I very Love number 4 WAllabee

  4. Wallykuki4ever Says:

    I LUV Wally. He’s so cute and clueless. Ad waoow. I am the first to postyh here in a month

  5. Maria Says:

    Awwwwww!!!! 3×4 FOREVER!!!! Sooooo CUTE!!!!

  6. Nikleavno Says:


    i think its a bad couple >.<

    but i LOVE LOVE LOVE wally

    just not kuki

    she annoys the f*ck outta me

    • Mikaylah Says:

      how is that a bad couple they will be together forever AND WALLY AND KUKI ARE TOO PERFECT!!!
      SO HOW THE HECK CAN U SAY THAT UR Anti-wallyXkuki AND U think its a bad couple >.<

    • :) Says:

      i know right kuki is an airhead and a weirdo

    • Mickeymouse4everz Says:

      Omg I love you guys @:) and @Nikleavno! I honestky thought I was the only persin in KND history to ever hate 3/4! I like Wally a lot (favorite character) but I hate Kuki (sorry TheREALWallyBeatles). She is just so….ugh.

  7. KukiXWally= Says:

    I LOVE Wally! Hes so adorable and funny! I love how
    clueless he is at school and that cute pajamas of his! LOL
    Ahhhh hes ADORABLE! ♥

  8. Numbuh 4 girl Says:

    okay, so i have PERFECTED imitating the voice of wally…and it is too adorable. i’ve actually kinda started using it on a daily basis … ah, heck … it’s just fun, y’know?? and i have dibs on him (in older version), so don’t even bother!!! HA! and if you have a problem with it, then you will have to face ME! (prepare to be flung into a world of hurt…)

  9. libra Says:

    I LOVE operation beech, lol
    kuki: hi wally! guess what?? IM GETTING MARRIED!! XD
    wallabe: [drops his weapon, his shield, with a horrified look on his face while the words “married” echos around him and he passes out.

  10. Hannah Says:

    I think #3 and #4 make the perfect couple!

  11. Isabelle Says:

    i think wally and kuki are a super cute couple

  12. noahsays Says:

    haynumber4wanttohangoutsomeday7772mayfairstreet 9768 lincon cort ohh i want to know if you could bring your team and take me tothe kids next moon base

  13. jessica Says:

    i totally LOVE operation beech
    kuki: hi wally! guess what?? IM GETTING MARRIED!!
    wallabe: [drops his weapon, his shield, with a horrified look on his face while the words “married” echos around him and he passes out.
    hahaha thats soo funny

  14. jp Says:

    my fav is when wally saids “were practically veteranarians” and hoagie replys “veterans” and wally said “that too” halarious

  15. Angel Says:

    We’ll loose another 42 thirds with in eleventeen minutes, leaving only one dollar and seven operatives left in 68 quarters of the world!

    HAHAHA!!! OMG i love my Wally!!! Hes super hot! And hes mine!

    But I love 3×4…Me and Kuki would be like, best friends in real life! But I would get the guy, obviously…lolz I dont know about that…Wally is in love with Kuki!

    (PS-the pic of him with the doggie is VERY adorableee!!! ^^)

  16. ilovewally4 Says:

    omg i already love wally and numbuh4girl i will fight u for him…..i wish he was real….(dreamy look on my face}

  17. ilovewally4 Says:

    …..wanna fight me… i will KILL u and embaress u in front of wally to get him

    • The REAL wally beetles Says:

      Cool, fight to the death !

    • Mickeymouse4everz Says:

      Lol, my last comment was so weird and grammatically incorrect…but anyway, wow are we really getting into fights about a CARTOON CHARACTER? Come on people, let’s not be immature. He doesn’t exist in this world, no sense fighting over something that isn’t real. Yeah. That doesn’t mean I ship 3/4 though…at all.

  18. Mikaylah Says:


  19. Lexi Says:

    As Alexis Gosselin would have said at the age of three,
    “Him cute!” He is SO CUTE! I love him! I hope he likes brunettes, because I’d date him!

  20. Yarg Says:

    Just wondering: You know how in the last episode, it’s revealed he went to harvard? So, I was thinking about how it could be possible for such a “dumb” kid to get into harvard med, and I had a thought: do you think maybe numbuh 4 had a learning disability? I mean, think about it: he’s impulsive, short tempered, hyperactive, he has trouble reading and mispells even the simples words, and lacks a mastery of the english language (like thinking “three quiet” would mean extremely quiet because “too (two) quiet” means really quiet.

  21. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    Ok….. just so you people no, I’m actually real I COMPLETLY look like him talk like him yada yada but i have no idea who the reel numbuh 3 is so dont think im all kissy kissy googoo oh and please stop with this lovey dovey crud.):

    • Kacie Says:

      Yah I know your real but Lily doesn’t!!!
      p.s. You’re probaly going to see her back-sasing your identity,… So WATCH-OUT!!!

      • Lily Says:

        I don’t sass ppl. I’m just bold. Ur mean! D_X Listen, Wally, I totally understand bout the lovey-dovey crud. I’m 99% tomboy. But I luv Lenny! I admitting it! what my brother told ppl was true! :O

      • Kacie Says:

        I’m SO sorry Lily!It’s just that were ever I go I see you saying that Wally isn’t real-and it REALLY bothers me!I’m the one at middle school that’s agenst bulling-I never thought I’d be one!SORRY!!!

  22. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    Why did KND end?! I sure hope it comes back ,and my dad wants ME numbuh 4 I am REAL!!!!!!!! nO LIE TO GET SUM STOOPID HARCUT!!!!!!!! WELL I SAY NO !

  23. The REAL wally beetles Says:


  24. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    Oh yeah that picture was only cuz the cruddy dog was cute ! im never like that …… ok i am but who carez!!!!!!

    • :) Says:

      ……….ur not such a tuff guy afterall how sweet not sweet sweet but……..nevermind ur just so sweet 😀

  25. Ronson Says:

    Kiss me WALLY !

  26. Kacie Says:

    OH COME ON!HOW DUM DO U THINK WE R!!!U HAVE TOO KNOW KUKI!!! SHE’s ON KND ON cartoon network!!! Exceept they just discontinued it,… WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT’ve!If I get my hands on one of the crudy directors i’m going to rearrange his face!POW!BAM!and,.. SPLAT! LOL!!!!:)

    • :) Says:

      can i come along for the pounding? HOW DARE THEY STOP MAKING MY FAVORITE SHOW??!!! LETS MAKE AN ANGRY MOB!!!…………………sorry people

  27. WallyFan13 Says:

    That show makes my day. Too bad I’m in school when I can catch a rerun. I’m obsessed and I can remember basicly everything about (only my fave characters, Wally, Kuki, Rachel (meh, i cant remember her), and Numbuh 86 (i do not feel right calling her Fanny). Anyways. yeah, love the show even at my age.

    “You cant confuse me with you’re reverse phsycologist” (IK its mispelled I dont really care about spelling)

  28. Kacie Says:

    Are poodles ALWAYS dyed pink!!!!!!It’s SO-NOT normal!!!

  29. Lily Says:

    Sorry, Kacie. It’s my fault. If I just believe, Wally HAS to be real!

  30. Molly Says:

    correction Wally can’t swim
    remember the episode with the tubathon? that came after he learned how to swim in operation pool.
    he was trapped on that little island

    • Kacie Says:

      Oh-YA! that was a little funny! he acually grew a berd!-corse it was fake-but it would have been funny if kuki came along blew up a RELLY girly tube and gave it to Wally to swim in! “Show your hands! who would’ve liked to c that in the KND episodes!”(I know i would!!!) 🙂

  31. kooki Says:

    I love wally X kuki. They’re so cute 🙂

  32. kooki Says:

    I love Wally x Kuki! They’re so cute 😀

  33. Yumiko-Shing Says:

    Omg i love wally too,he is super cute i wish he was real and the knd WALLY FOREVER…KUKIWALLY FOREVER LOL

  34. Serena Says:

    OMG, I love you Wally! You’re so frickin hot, I swear to god…XD! Actually, I can’t stand 3/4, (sorry Wally) Kuki is just so annoying, what do you see in her Wally?

    I wish you were real, I would sooo date you in a heartbeat. (Yeah, if I believe, HE WILL COME TO LIFE, XD)

    I love his accent, that’s what made me drawn to Wally in the first place. It also helps that I love the bad boys. (I’m such a cliche, good girl falling for the bad boy)

    I LOVE THE SHORT BOYS, HAHAHAHA! Sorry Wally, did I freak you out with my awesomeness?

  35. Mickeymouse4everz Says:

    Well…one half supports 3/4, the other half supports 2/5, and what do I support? 1/5, and maybe 4/5 if I’m feeling, like totally drunk or whatever. Did the real wally beatles take down his account or something?

    You guys: I love 3/4-ay! (That scene in Spongebob)
    Others: I love 2/5-ay!
    Me: I hate all of you

  36. Ruth Says:

    They should put a future show called Code Name:TND. they are still them but they have date and their personality changes that all. Pairing 1×362, 2×5, 3×4. They should also let Rachel join TND treehouse or whatever. So if any agreed,that good. If any doen’t that fine. But we should convience Cartoon Network to try and do Codename: TND.

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