Numbuh 362: Rachel McKenzie

So her real name is Rachel McKenzie  (we know this thanks to a viewer), and she’s the currently leader of the KND. I don’t know much about her, but she seems on pretty friendly terms with Nigel and rest of Sector V. Since she is the leader, she doesn’t really have a sector so she just stays at the moon base. As far as I know she has a little brother (Numbuh 363), who in Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. is the leader of Sector W. As far as her classic outfit goes…she has blonde hair that she wears down and a orange shirt thing over some kind of blue suit that cover her all the way down to her feet (covers those too, and its seen in Operation Z.E.R.O.), and also she wears sandals over her blue suit. Plus a kind of hat (I think it’s a cooking utensil…) that says “362”. According to the same viewer who told us Rachel’s last name, at one point (in Operation I.T.) tried to give up being “soopreem” leader. In Operation F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E., we learn that Rachel was formerly a spy before becoming “soopreem” leader.

Sarah out!

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

Rachel Fun Facts:

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Rachel Quotes:

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11 Responses to “Numbuh 362: Rachel McKenzie”

  1. ash Says:

    ok rachels last name is Mckensy. she at one point tried to give up being soopree leader in operation it. doesnt appere much through out the series was formerly a spy before becoming sooprem leader as shown it operation fugitive.

  2. Savannah Says:

    Ok,her last name is spelled McKenzie.Her parents are unknown and some even belive she is an orphan because they showed Chad’s parents and Chad doesn’t live on moonbase,but 362 does live on moonbase.

    • Mady Says:

      Ummmm,an Orphan? How,it never said she lived up on Moon Base?! She may be there a lot but she has a lot of kids to take care of. She’s not an Orphan,that’s my opinion

  3. sarah Says:

    um why would she be a orphan?

  4. Mikaylah Says:

    i agree sarah i think she has parents!!!!

  5. Lexi Says:

    Numbuh 362 is a very pretty girl. She was blessed.

  6. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    HI if u hear me then im reely numbuh 4 I don’t think 362 is an orphan i just think shes just busy up on moon base. The show’s based on sector V not 362 so ya nevur no……..

  7. Kacie Says:

    R U CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do-U-know WHY kids talk to high-positioned-KND-commanders like her?! FOR IMPORTENT REASONS!! NOT personal reasons! I would get a VERY bad impression if i just walked right up 2 her and sed “HEY, r u an orfan?” (Kacie’s over-imaganitave mind working) I might even get fired!-THEN BRAIN DRAINED!-THEN SENT BACK TO NEVER HEAR FROM AGAIN !!!!!!(panting,panting,and more panting)

    • Mady Says:

      C’mon,she can’t decommission you for THAT. But Fanny can……..On second thought,if you do do that,don’t say anything to offend Numbuh 86…….

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