Numbuh 3: Kuki Sanban


Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Family: A dad (Kani) and a mom (Genki) as well as a little sister (who’s in kindergarden) named Mushi. Kuki’s mom is high up in her accounting firm (Hoagie’s mom’s boss) and as for Kani I suppose he’s a stay at home dad. Both of Kuki’s parents are high strong, freaking out about the little-ist things and Mushi is well… evil. She’s always trying to take Kuki’s rainbow monkeys and get rid of Hoagie. 

Nationality: Japanese 

Outfit: Long black hair with bangs, green sweater (with really long sleeves, was probably her moms), black tights and black and white shoes. -Pajamas- A long pink/light purple shirt with long sleeves. She’s also wears yellow slippers, which I think are suppose to be hamsters.

Personality: She’s happy go lucky and usually is in her own world. She’s into almost everything girly and simply adores rainbow monkeys! She might seem sweet when you first see her but get her angry, watch out! She gets fire in her eyes and well, flips out 🙂 Just like Wally she’s not the smartest, but I’m not about to say she’s dumb, I think she’s a lot smarter then Wally, at least spelling wise. 

Things You Need To Know:

* She’s the youngest member of the team ( 9 until Operation F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.)

* Used to wear pigtails (like Mushi) until she entered the KND (age 9 about)

* Is the main care taker for the hamsters (the tree houses power source) 

* Has REALLY thing legs, incase you didn’t notice

* In Operation F.U.T.U.R.E. her grand daughters name is Sally (Sanban) 

* Cries a lot when things go wrong (more like bawls) 

* Likes parties and sandcastles

* Thinks she’s the mom to a skunk (Bradly or Numbuh 6)

* Has a crush on Numbuh 4 (even if neither of them will admit it)

* Is the youngest member of Sector V


In Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. we discover that she married Numbuh 4 (shocker) and is now the owner of the Rainbow Monkey company (and tore down the “lets learn about the lavatory” park because it smelled :D) Unfortunately she turns into kinda downer, with a hair do and outfit like her mom. 


Kuki Quotes:

Kuki: Target sighted! Hi Target! -Op. CAKED-TWO

Just spacing

Kuki: Toys? I don’t want toys… I WANT REVENGE!

Wally: Whats the big deal nobody got ‘urt.

{ Kuki graps Wally by shirt collar}

Kuki: Say that again squirt then we’ll see if nobody’s hurt! – Op. LICE

Just spacing

Hoagie: Man, that Sandy’s got a weird taste in girls!

{Kuki grabs SPLANKER (weapon) looking mad and screen goes black}

Hoagie: Uh oh.

{You hear Hoagie being hit twice, screen still black}

Hoagie: Ow! Ow!

Hoagie: What YOU hit me for?

Wally: Nothin. – Op. KASTLE

Just spacing

Abby: Listen numbuh three, we have no power! How we suppose to find a Rainbow Monkey in the vastness of space?

Kuki: I can follow their scent.

Wally: How?!? There ain’t no air in space!

Kuki: I don’t smell Rainbow Monkeys with my nose! I smell them with my heart! {Eyes get big and hearts float from her}

Wally: {Groans} – Op. SATURN

Just spacing

Abby: (looking at blackmail pic) Ah, ah no! Is that Nigel’s hiney?

Hoagie: Wow, that is one big butt.

Wally: Oh let me see- whoooaah, whooaah, wow, wowy!!!!

Kuki: {stops crying and is now laughing} Where did they get a camera big enough to capture all that tushy!?!

{Wally and Kuki break into laughter}

Abby: Come on guys, this isn’t funny, we got to do something.

Hoagie: Yeah! We have to get the the bottom of this!

Abby: Nohh…

{Wally, Kuki and Hoagie all laugh}

Abby: Now come on guys,

Kuki: {constant laughter now goes on for rest of scene} That is NOT gonna fit in the year book!

Hoagie: Unless they put a big section in the rear!

{Wally falls down laughing}

Abby: Ok, ok, now, come on guys!

Hoagie: If I were numbuh one I’d just turn the other cheek! {shakes but at Abby}

Abby: {starts laughing, and falls on the ground too}

Hoagie: {scene fads out to new location} I hate for him to be the butt of the joooke! {laughs} – Op. BUTT

Just spacing

Wally: It’s awful quiet in here.

Kuki: Yeah, three quiet.

Wally: Three quiet? What the crud is that suppose to mean?

Kuki: It’s one more then two quiet.

Wally: Ugh, I had to ask. – Op. ZERO

Just spacing

-{ Hugging pillow, in sleep} Wally: So you do like me too? Well why didn’t you say it before? {Kisses pillow} You know how I feel, {Kisses and hugs pillow} I think your really really-

Kuki: Numbuh 4!

Wally: Garghhh! (Thats me trying to capture his scream) – Op. SATURN

Just spacing

Wally: Look. How much do these Rainbow cruds cost anyway? If we each chipped in about 5 and 6/3’s dollars, we could get a new-

Kuki: {Starts crying}

Wally: {Makes some sort of moaning sound} Numbuh 1 will you please talk to her? – Op. SATURN

Just spacing

Kuki: {sad music plays and Kuki screeches with happiness} If he had to leave the room its gotta be something {Wallys starts to cry} big, OHHH like a pony!

Wally: Ah no you dolt! Numbuh one just quit the team! He’s not getting you a pony! He’s not getting you anything! {Breaks down a bit} He’s g-gone! J-A-W-N, gone! Don’t you get it? {really starts to cry}

Kuki: {Starts to cry as well}

Wally: {Looks worried at Kuki’s tears} Ok you got it. – Op. BUTT

Just spacing

Wally: {trying to comfort Kuki as she crys, in false high voice} Ohhh, don’t cry little girl, Mr. Flopsywapsipus wants you to turn that frown upside down.

Kuki: {stops crying slightly to look at Wally}

Wally: Or uh, or he might leave. {in normal voice} Oh wait-

Kuki: {starts crying again} – Op. BUTT


34 Responses to “Numbuh 3: Kuki Sanban”

  1. C Says:

    I like the one where Kuki is like, “Toys? I don’t want toys. I WANT REVENGE!!!” lol that one is funny.

  2. Maria Says:

    Kuki is sooooo cute and happy! I like the one where 3 says it’s three quiet. then 4 says three quiet? WHat the crud is that suposed to mean?
    then she says its one more than two quiet.

  3. Sarah Says:

    – Hoagie: Man, that Sandy’s got a weird taste in girls!

    {Kuki grabs SPLANKER (weapon) looking mad and screen goes black}

    Hoagie: Uh oh.

    {You hear Hoagie being hit twice, screen still black}

    Hoagie: Ow! Ow!

    Hoagie: What YOU hit me for?

    Wally: Nothin.

    Oooh numbuh two got hit for dissing Wally’s girl XD

  4. minnie Says:

    i love kuki, she is adorable

  5. Kacie Says:

    OMG! Did Kuki & Wally really get MARRIED?!If so I have-ta see it on U-TUBE! My Mom is tring hard to get a rainbowmonkey!!!!!You now carebears there’s a purple monkey that has a rainbow over his head!!!I now know what I’m getting for my B-DAY!!! Yay!I-win I-win I’m-bad I’m bad Woowhooo!!!

  6. Hannah Says:

    I live the part were #3 says”SAY THAT AGAIN SQUIRT AND THEN WE’LL SEE IF NOBODYS HURT”!!

  7. Hannah Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say I LOVE the part were #3 says “SAY THAT AGAIN SQUIRT AND THEN WE’LL SEE IF NOBODYS HURT”!!

  8. olivia Says:

    I love numbuh three she’s my fav character in knd

  9. minnie Says:

    i love that part 2!!

  10. jessica Says:

    i love numbah 3 she is soo cute and ni=umbah 4 is always trying to protect her!

  11. Meghan Says:

    i can smell rainbow monkeys with my heart too!!!! (well i dont actually have a rainbow monkey but i always seem to know where my stuffed animals are lol)

  12. skyhigh imageination Says:

    i loved the part when numbuh 4 says”hes g-gone f-o-w-n gone dont u get it” it realy went with the whole kuki can spell better thing:) bye.

  13. becka Says:

    im soooo confused!!!! plezze HELP!!! is wally and kuki married????? or not????? because all websits say they did and i watch part 1 of interviews and she says she married numbuh 2!!!! who????? HELP!!!

  14. becka Says:

    im soooo confused!!!! plezze HELP!!! is wally and kuki married????? or not????? because all websits say they did and i watch part 1 of interviews and she says she married numbuh 2!!!! who????? HELP!!!
    also what does it mean when thers ***SPOILER*** obove it? is it wrong?

    • operationfansite Says:

      Yes Wally and Kuki are married, in part 2 of the final episode they clear it up (Hoagie actually is married to Abby). When I write ***SPOILER*** I mean that the following is going to give away what happened in an episode (in the case of where I usually do it on the site it’s before I give information about the finale). I write ***SPOILER*** so that people will know that they may not want to read on if they haven’t seen the finale. Maybe I should write that on the pages so people know I’m talking about the finale, thanks for asking 🙂

  15. sharifa (shar ree fa) Says:

    i love kuki she is so cute and she my fave

  16. Mikaylah Says:

    i sooo ❤ 3/4 they are tooo cute numbah 3 iz my favorite because she's awesome!!!!

  17. Lexi Says:

    Kuki is so cute! I love her! Don’t like her sister all that much, though. One of my favorite lines is this:
    Wally asks where their missiles are after they are attacked by the Proper Patrol. Kuki clears her throat and the camera shifts to her sitting at a tea party table with their missiles, that she dressed up.
    KUKI: More uranium, Mrs. Missile?

  18. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    Hi im the real numbuh 4 and if theres any other real numbuhs like numbuhs 1,2,3,5 LEAVE A REPLY i need to know if thers any one else out there so hi.

  19. Jess Says:

    I’m sorry to point out that you said number 3 married number 4 but she married number 2. WHY?!?!?!?

  20. The Real Kuki Sanban Says:

    oooooh, u guys did a website ALL about ME? thats sooooooo sweeet!!!! 🙂

  21. The REAL abagail lincoln Says:

    Hey guys! I’m the real numbuh 5!

  22. The REAL Kuki Sanban Says:

    Hiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Im Kuki! you know that! im so silly haha (oh and hi wally!)

  23. Ronson Says:

    Kuki is my girlfriend and i am 7

  24. Kacie Says:

    I’m back again!!!OMG thank Y-O-U for answering my question about you know who with you know who instead of you know who!
    (Kuki) (Wally) (Hoegie)

    p.s.EVERYBODY knows that a girl likes a boy with a australien or british accent!That helped Wally in the past.(Except when they fake like they have autralien or British accent)

  25. Kacie Says:

    Hey Kuki!!!Mabie we could chat in Fashion Fantasy!You design the coolest cloths!I’m about too make a rainbow monkey dedicated outfit!!(I’m called Jewel Queen)

    p.s. I’m #671,886 in KND.My speicial talents are Battle Commando,mabie you could tell me about what you did in the KND!!!(GASP!)Like a interview!!!That would be fun!! 🙂 :@)

  26. Me Says:

    Tee hee I think numbuh 5 should teasing numbuh 4 because I watched operation naughty and numbuh 3 is upset when numbuh 4 didn’t get her a gift and said to numbuh 4 “you didn’t get me a present again dont you like me?” and numbuh 5 said “yeah numbuh 4 don’t you like numbuh 3?” and numbuh 4 said “what are you talking about?!” tee hee!!!

  27. Serena Says:

    In all honesty, I’m sorry Kuki, I’m not a big fan of you. And I know the accounts on here a fake. You guys are grown up, why would you have an account on here.

    SOMEDAY, I WILL FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU!! (Adele reference) I ❤ WALLY! *sighs* I need a hot australian boy in my life

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