I thought that since everyone might not have access to TV (I’m talking to YOU “C” :D) that we should do like summaries about each episode. I considering completely transcribing each episode but I didn’t feel like that much work (at least for the time being :D, if I get really bored, who knows!) So, I don’t have access to many episodes, I have all of season six in my Itunes library and some other shows I’ve acquired too. So this won’t be as extensive as I’d like, but what can you do.


Season Six:

Operation: Caramel








This is one of the few operations that does not start with the opening scene (I mean the “5,4,3,2,1” thing) it starts with Abby coming across Heinrich. Basically in this episode, Heinrich is trying to create the great caramels of “Kandacrunchalan”. But to get these caramels, a victim has to give up their most prized quality. So, because Abby saved Sector U (the Guatamualen Kids Next Door), Heinrich decided to use her and the rest of Sector V to make the caramels. Here’s what the characters lost (when they had there most prized quality taken that is). Abby: she lost her coolness, she became a nerd {that would make Numbuh 13 jealous :)} Wally: He lost his ferousity, and is now wearing a pink sweatshirt with long sleeves, and I THINK his jeans are a lighter color (and just like Abby and Nigel, he has buck teeth…). With out his ferousity he’s well… lets just say he cried like Kuki 😥  Kuki: She lost her cheerfulness. You know how Kuki is always so happy and excited? Well think exact opposite. She looks completely goth, and her voice (sorry if this offends anyone) sounds like she’s a chain smoker. One of my favorite goth Kuki lines is when Wally his crying and Kuki just opens an umbrella and says “Life is misery.” Hoagie: He lost his intelligence, so he is this be brute…thing now. He still has his aviator hat on but instead of the “2” on it, there’s a question mark 🙂 Nigel: He lost his leadership skills, and his sunglasses! He wears some kind of tan suit, and keeps biting his nails constantly, stuttering. At the end of the episode, Heinrich (who had lost his most prized quality a long time ago) gets his most prized quality back (his beauty) and this….this is the part that confused me a little. Apparently Heinrich is not a guy, but a very ugly girl. For he becomes a “fox” (Hoagie’s words not mine). 

Animation Mistakes (yes, their human too!):

1.) Right after we see Wally in his new sweatshirt, the scene switches back to Heinrich and then when it goes back to Wally (only for this scene) it is back to orange!

2.) When Heinrich is taking caramels from one of the Mexican KND at first there are three, and when he trys to scare them a fourth shows up when they all run from him.

3.) (Not sure if this is really a mistake) When Abby is stealing Heinrich’s bag of caramels (and climbing up a ladder) they look like they are in her hand but both of her hands are climbing

4.) Just after Abby steals his sweets, both of his eyes are black for one scene. (Usually one is blue.)

5.) At the very end when 1,3,2 are about to explain to Wally that Heinrich was actually a girl, his sweatshirts V thing was gone.

Our rating:

Sarah: **** 1/2 {4 and a half stars}

Kayla: **** {4 stars}


2 Responses to “Episodes”

  1. C Says:

    lol thnx :-p 🙂

  2. Kacie Says:

    Yah,.. I was wondering why his eyes where both black!!!

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