Destructively Nefarious Kids (DNK)

OK, so the reason there is no picture of these guys is because they only showed up in one episode, Operation P.O.O.L., which is the Operation where Wally’s pool (if I’m missing details on this eppisode it’s because I saw it years ago… this will probably be updated once I watch it again) is some kind of portal to a parallel universe where the KND where evil and I’m guessing the DCFDTL were good (I’m not sure the DCFDTL being good part…but as I said, this will probably be updated.) In the parallel universe everything is spelled backwards (that’s why its DNK instead of KND). Wally is in this world and yeah… he wins 🙂 and learns how to swim 🙂 YAY WALLY! And to win he has to defeat the super evil genius of the world….himself in that world! (Negative 4, all of the numbuhs are negative and names are backwards, like Lizzie is Eizzil, and yeah…) I think thats like all there is to say ’bout them, so yeah….

Sarah out!

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

DNK Fun Facts:

Coming Soon!

DNK Quotes:

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2 Responses to “Destructively Nefarious Kids (DNK)”

  1. ilovewally4 Says:

    omg if i married him would i also be a super evil queen

  2. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    Ahhhh the DNK so many memories …. oh yeah if you watch operation P.O.O.L and pause it on the logo then you see my opposite, -4 holding his thumbs down smiling evily and -1 took my place on the side, poor -3 must have had a cruddy life but i had to put her in her place.(:

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