Cree Lincoln


Voiced By: Cree Summer

Family: This is practically the same as Numbuh 5’s. Cree’s dad is doctor and her mom is French. Her little sister is Numbuh 5 (Abby) who annoys her to no end, mainly because she’s a kid. She also has (because Abby does) an older brother with a couple of kids.

Nationality: American (part French maybe because of her mom)

Outfit: Black wavy hair, a pink crop tee shirt, jeans and a gold circle on a necklace chain. We’ve never really seen her pajama’s so I’ll just describe her Battle Ready Armor (B.R.A.) When Cree is dressed her in armor she covered in black metal (in the form of a shirt, skirt and boots and a helmet) with red fabric underneath.

Personality: Cree hates kids, really hates them. That’s why she is working with Father to destroy the Kids Next Door. She may seem mean but she has a soft side, at least sometimes. When her and Abby are fighting in Operation S.P.A.C.E. Abby gives her a sob story, and Cree is only too willing to believe it and stop fighting her sister. Cree and Abby used to be close when Cree was in the KND but then, Cree grew up.

Things You Need to Know:

* Cree was never decommissioned and still holds a buh-million of KND secrets as an evil teen

* The hat the Numbuh 5 wears was originally Cree’s (given away to Abby after her second completed mission)

* Good with 2X4 technology 

* Taught Abby everything she knows about hand to hand combat

* Has a crush on her former team mate Maurice (formerly Numbuh 9, he is now part of a secret Teen KND section)

* Formerly Numbuh 11

* Used to be the leader of Sector V

* Her name is the Same as the person who voices her, wonder where they got the name… 🙂


Cree Quotes:

Coming Soon!


3 Responses to “Cree Lincoln”

  1. ilovewally4 Says:


  2. ilovewally4 Says:

    cree nd hogie sittin in a tree

  3. Grace Says:

    Since she was never decommissioned, she should remember everything

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