Count Spankulot


Voiced By: Daran Norris 

Family: As far as I know he doesn’t really have a family, he must have had a mom and dad but I don’t think we hear about them.

Nationality: Transylvanian?

Outfit: Black slicked back hair, gray suit with matching shoes, dark blue/purple cape that looks like bat wings. He also sports medallion with a giant ‘S’ on it and giant white gloves that he wears on his expert spanking hands. -Pajamas- Same outfit as above only he wears it sleeping upside down.

Personality: He might be a butt spanking villain but he’s not all bad. He only spanks those who deserve it (in his mind this includes kids with over due library books, which might be a bit extreme.). Even at one point after being released from prison for wrongly spanking a kid he vowed to help the children of the world by using his powers against adults (that only lasted one episode though)

Things You Need to Know:

* If he ever spanks some one with out his gloves on they are instantly transformed into spank-happy vampires too! (with the gloves on they just get really sore butts) (Operation L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.) 

* Once joined Sector V (Operation S.P.A.N.K.)

* Was locked in Mushi’s closet while she made an evil Rainbow Monkey using his spanking powers

* Once beat up Wink and Fibb with his spanking powers (Operation S.P.A.N.K.

* Been to jail at least twice (both because of the KND)

* Allergic to garlic (Operation A.W.A.R.D.S.)


Count Spankulot Quotes:

Coming Soon!


One Response to “Count Spankulot”

  1. Shakira Says:

    Cool – I love KND! Count Spankulot is such a clever idea because to a child, a spanking is a crime against them, but to an adult it is a fitting punishment. So actually, he does think he is doing the right thing, so it works on two levels.

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