Numbuh 274: Chadworth “Chad” Dickson

Chad, also known as Numbuh 274, was the leader of the KND before Numbuh 362. He didn’t leave gracefully though, there was a big sloppy mess when he left. All of this went down in Operation E.N.D. He almost got all of Sector V decommissioned (well he got everyone but Nigel decommissioned). He was almost set to be decommissioned (it was his 13th birthday) when Cree (on her way the lift the Moon Base off toward the sun) broke in and saved him. Another teen with a lot of KND secrets. But, just like Maurice, Chad is a spy still for the KND. His classic outfit as 274 is a red full body suit (almost similars to 362’s body suit…) and what I think is a noodle strainer on his head, only revealing a little of his blonde hair. His hat thing has a strap and on he also has shoulder pads and a chest protecter with a big yellow “274”. Plus, his boots are brown 😀 As a teen, he wears a gray/blue t-shirt and jeans. Not very interesting. 

Chad Fun Facts:

Delivered pizzas to get money for a car. (Operation T.R.Y.C.Y.C.L.E.) 

Chad Quotes:

Coming Soon!


3 Responses to “Numbuh 274: Chadworth “Chad” Dickson”

  1. The REAL wally beetles Says:

    I HATE CHAD !!!!!!! he actually tried to hit me ! LOL!!! oH YEAH IM NUMBUH 4 AND IM REAL!

    • Kacie Says:

      #4 even if he did hit you you would hit him back-AND harder,probily yelling,”Traitor!!!”or even if you’re REALLY mad then,”What in the hell did you do that for!?”
      LOL! 🙂

  2. kaitlyn Says:

    i love Chad, he’s handsome, sweet and kind, and i would join his side any day at all

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