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Sarah: So, yeah. Hi…hehe. so I guess I’ll say a bit ’bout me. When I was a little-ish girl I use to love this cartoon but then I well… I grew up 😦 But one day during winter vacation, (where we live, winter is so COLD you just want to hang out inside) I was inside watching TV and as you might know NOTHING comes on during the day, so I was channel hopping and I came across Cartoon Network. I watched Pokemon, and some other shows, and then KND came on. It all like flooded back and the very next day I went on YouTube and tried to find every vid about them I could (I watched one called “Emotional Good-bye” from Operation Z.E.R.O. and nearly cried!), and then I figured out what time the show came on and I keep watching and watching. I couldn’t get enough. But, sadly none of my friends liked it as much or at all 😦 But one day, at a sleepover at Kayla’s, I was showing her the video’s of full Operations I’d gotten from LiveVideo.com and before I knew it, I had converted her to a fan! We both are very tech savy, personally I’m addicted to my Mac (Which I bought! Go me!), and it only seemed to make sense that we create a fansite, and maybe a podcast…(look forward to that!) He he, not much of a mini bio, is it? I do have life besides KND, though. So here it is….I’m of decommissioning age 😦 and have two dogs… I really enjoy watching cartoons and animated movies and some day I hope to be a author. I also really like music, no one in particular, but a lot of random artists. I think I’m a good student…and uh…I’m also a pretty big Harry Potter fan and listen to a podcast called Mugglecast (shout out to them!) and yeah… Sarah out!


Kayla: Okey dokey… Yeah, so I’m Kayla. As Sarah said, I became a fan of KND through her. Although I’m not allowed to go on YouTube, I do have DVR, so I can record KND every time it’s on. I used to watch the show too, as a little kid. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t think I was ever NOT a fan, but there was a time where I wasn’t like… watching every show. Mostly I think it was school. The older I got, the more homework, and I’m thinking that homework sort of got in the way. Anyway… I don’t think there’s much else to say, as I am mostly going to be the editor of this page… mostly Sarah does the writing, as she is A: better at it B: knows what she’s talking about C: has been a fan for longer, as she is older… I am NOT going to be decommissioned until June… I do NOT have any pets… and I do NOT have my own mac. I have a (in the words of Wally) “cruddy” Gateway… not even a laptop! Oh well. I guess my MINI biography is actually going to be mini. I really don’t have much to say for myself (literally : ) )

More posts later… although i can almost guarantee that Sarah will be the one who wrote it…


So yeah that’s us…I just wanted to let you guys know that me and Kayla aren’t sisters, it’s not really important but I thought I’d mention it. As Kayla said look forward to more posts!

Sarah & Kayla

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2 Responses to “About the Authors”

  1. YO! ITS AISLING! Says:

    HEY! ur website is really coming along. I like it. BLAH! o and no one can forget my new favorite word!!! LACKADAZAKLE! (If thats how you spell it) well just to let you know your website isnt lackadazakle…its the exact oppisite lol well cya at school tomorrow! ~ASH BASH~

  2. C Says:

    nice bois. guys!! LOL (they aren’t that funny)

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