Why Didn’t I post Sooner??

As some of you might have noticed, KND has been back on CN for a few weeks now, maybe a month (I believe it has been a month)! Why haven’t we posted saying so? Well maybe I didn’t believe it would last, maybe I wasn’t on my computer (shocking I know) but regardless I’m saying it now! They’ve had lots of shows from the middle seasons, and when I last looked at the schedule they are in this next week are going to be showing episodes from the last season, followed by the very first ones (We’re talking C.A.K.E.D.). I’m a bit worried to see them going to the very beginning, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll be pulled from the air. They’re on (two in a row!) Weekdays 4pm-5pm EST and (so PST is 7-8) I’ll update again if anything changes 🙂


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