Oh No You DIDN’T Cartoon Network!!!!

Okay so Cartoon Network has again annoyed me, and I’m sure some of you guys. So of course they promise that after the last beta test (which ended the other day) we will be able to continue game play on the characters we made. And in a way this is true, but not in the way we thought. If you want to continue playing as the character you made this last beta test (and maybe advanced far into the game using) you have to subscribe to have “Unlimited Access” which cost money! (5.95 for a one month subscription) LOW BLOW CARTOON NETWORK! Clever, but low. I’m split between admiring the weaving around their promises and between annoyance and having to either pay or start over (starting over is free). *Sigh* oh well, I sucked it up and took 5.95 out of my allowance to buy one month subscription. 

“Kids Next Doors… Dismissed!”


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