Why, Fusion Fall?

**UPDATE** Ok so I discovered why the characters were deleted (although it still sucks) Cartoon Network was clearing Fusion Fall’s database to prepare for the last beta test. But the new characters made in this sneak peek (Decemeber 27th – January 11th) will carry through to the actual launch of the game on January 14th!



For all of those people who have played during the previous “Sneak Peeks” (this one right now is the final one) and created characters will be very disappointed. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch in my profile but when I logged in already to complete my mission for Numbuh 5 I had to start the game all over again. With a new character and now I have to go through the tutorial all again, of course it will go faster, but why make everyone (or maybe just me, I’m not sure yet) start over? Tisk Tisk fusion fall….


2 Responses to “Why, Fusion Fall?”

  1. FusionMod Says:

    Well they wiped the entire data base to prepare for the new beta and full release to the public for them to buy… BUT If you start playing now you will not be erased because… this is the final beta and will be further more used in the full extension of the game so don’t fret.


  2. Jonathan Says:

    dam! i stopped playing for a few months and just started playing again now!!! wtf!! lost my character!

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