Happy Holidays!

I was watching a clip of Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y and I thought i’d post the Rainbow Monkey christmas song to get in the spirit 🙂 If the words aren’t quite right I’m sorry!

( I couldn’t hear the beginning of the song because of the narrator, but they probably said “Rainbow Christmas, Rainbow Christmas” if I know the usual set up of the song 🙂 )


Bringing gifts to girls and boys! 

The naughty naughty kids don’t get no toys!

Oh silver and gold

And red and white!

Rainbow Christmas, Rainbow Christmas is tonight!!!!!


For all those who visited out site on December 20th, we give thanks. At 107 views it is our biggest number yet. 69 searches were placed for “Fusion Fall”… guess Sarah posting information on it really got your attention. 89 people played Fusion Fall off of our page! (So there, Cartoon Network) Maybe they will consider putting KND back on the air (although I hate to say I don’t have high hopes for that).

So Fusion Fall takes our views by a lot, but oddly enough, Abby (Numbuh 5) came in second place. With 4. Lousy. Views. But hey! We’re not complaining. Much to Sarah’s disappointment (and mine), Wally came in last for number of views on Saturday. What are you guys? Nuts? I mean, I’m not mad, but he’s like! THE COOLEST! And you guys don’t visit him… He’ll be all lonely for Christmas… and Hanukkah. Happy holidays to everyone. And Happy American New Year. And happy Chinese New Year. (Since KND has every ethnic group, we might as well wish all the ethnic groups happy whatever they celebrate).

Kayla and Sarah


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