KND, still kept away from helpless viewers…

okay, I don’t know about all of you fans (the few that we have), but I really want KND back on the air. It’s been since July that’s its been off. That’s uhh… *subtracting in my head* *now on paper* 4 whole months. That is a long time. I mean, Cartoon Network has other great cartoons *advertising time*, which you can find out more about on our other site “~The Cartoon World~” (link is on the post below), or you could go straight the source:

Just another update, with nothing to update on.

Kayla & Sarah


One Response to “KND, still kept away from helpless viewers…”

  1. C Says:

    hey guys, u kno i hate to say it
    but i don’t think ur beloved show is going to come bak on….

    am i being cruel?
    srry if so….

    that was uncalled for…..

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