Stupid Changes Due to Cartoon Network

Ok, this is really starting to annoy me. Cartoon Network had previously shown in KND’s schedual that there was going to be a marathon on July 6th, but it’s not happening. They changed their minds apparently, KND isn’t even coming on that day! *fumes for a little bit* Ok, so if I ever announce that there’s a time change or a marathon coming up, know that its NOT set in stone!!!! Because Cartoon Network likes messing with my (and your) mind by changing these things!!!! Just keep checking the schedual for the current status of times and show showings. Link right here.

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”


One Response to “Stupid Changes Due to Cartoon Network”

  1. stephenson0711 Says:

    ahahah sarah ur so funny… but isnt that y were freinds? haha…TOWN MEETING TOMORROW!!!! its really crappy so dont pay attention when im talking k? haha

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