Finished Pages and Updates

OK so these are the pages we have “completed” besides the occasional update. But for those pages that still say “Coming Soon” or “More Coming Soon” well… when those are “completed” I (or Kayla) will post something saying that well… its updated 🙂 just wanted to let you all know about that so that you wouldn’t know when a page was updated. So far the pages we have “completed” are the following:


Mr. Boss


Numbuh 1

Numbuh 2


Rainbow Monkeys

Numbuh 363: Rachel

The Toilenator

Sticky Beard

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane

Cree Lincoln

Numbuh 86 Francine “Fanny” Fullbright

Count Spankulot

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Divine

But that’s all so far so that’s 15/19 so 4 pages left!!!! YAY! 😀

Sarah out!

“Kids Next Door… Dismissed!”

Update: We’ll we editing this each time a page is done, like we’ll be updating, but on this post so make sure you check! (But an update of the newly done page will also be posted separately.)


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