A Little Inside Information That I Was Too Stupid To See Myself

Hey everyone,

This being my first post, let me introduce myself: I’m Kayla. I have just come across some very interesting news that, as the title states, I was too stupid to figure out for myself. Numbuh 1’s last name is Uno, meaning one in Spanish. Numbuh 3’s last name is Sanban, meaning three in Japanese. For Wally, Beatles is a singing group with 4 members in it. Lincoln, for Abby, is on the $5 bill. And Hoagie is just a Jr. so he is the second person in his family… Also, Gilliagan’s Island might have something to do with Hoagie’s last name. The boat on Gilligan’s Island is the S. S. Minnow, which as two s’s and two n’s. And the boat had a two-man crew. And, the crew is stranded out in the middle of the ocean, somewhere near Hawaii, which as two a’s, and two i’s. The man who played Gilligan also was a radio host, where he was called “Gil Eggan,” Eggan having two g’s. And, the another man on the show was named Skipper, which has two p’s. Another man on the show was also the voice for a cartoon character named Mr. Magoo, which has two m’s and two o’s. A crazy theory linked to Gilligan’s Island, but I am going to keep backing it up. Any question you might have can be posted under comments.

Nigel Uno: “Know this, Delightful Children: if you ever want to get your butts kicked, you know where to find the Kids Next Door!”

More posts later, Kayla


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